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Key features

  • Fast Email Delivery
  • Very low Price

Convenient Access to Digital Content

Xbox Gift Cards serve as a convenient gateway to a vast array of digital content available at the Microsoft Store. These cards facilitate the seamless purchase of games, downloadable content, Xbox Live subscriptions, and entertainment applications, providing users with quick and hassle-free access to a world of digital entertainment.


Flexible Usage within the Xbox Ecosystem

Offering a high degree of flexibility, Xbox Gift Cards empower users to explore and utilize the card balance according to their preferences within the expansive Xbox ecosystem. Recipients can choose to acquire games, in-game items, or opt for subscriptions such as Xbox Game Pass, making these cards an adaptable and versatile gifting option.


No Expiry, No Extra Charges

One of the significant advantages of Xbox Gift Cards is the absence of an expiration date or hidden fees. Users can take their time to make their purchasing decisions, assured that the credit on the card will not become invalid over time. Furthermore, there are no additional charges, ensuring that the entire value of the card remains available for use.


Effortless Digital Gifting

The digital nature of Xbox Gift Cards makes them an effortless and efficient gifting option. Users can conveniently send these cards directly via email or messaging platforms, making them an ideal choice for last-minute or planned gifting on special occasions, celebrations, or as tokens of appreciation to friends and family.


Rewards and Incentives

These cards often feature as rewards or incentives in various programs and promotions, adding extra value for customers, participants in loyalty programs, or even as a gesture of gratitude in corporate settings. They serve as tokens of appreciation, offering additional benefits beyond their monetary value.

Xbox Gift Cards provide an all-encompassing and versatile means to access a diverse range of digital content without any expiration dates or additional charges, making them an ideal choice for both personal enjoyment and gifting purposes.


Our digital code system simplifies the process of using and redeeming codes. Here's a brief explanation of how it works:

  1. Purchase: When you make a purchase on our platform, you will receive a digital code. This code corresponds to the product or service you've bought.
  2. Digital Delivery: We deliver the digital code to you via email or through your user account on our website, depending on your chosen delivery method. This ensures you get access to your purchase without delay.
  3. Redemption: To use your digital code, follow the instructions provided in the email or on our website. Typically, this involves visiting a specific website or platform and entering the code during the checkout or redemption process.
  4. Access Your Purchase: Once the code is successfully redeemed, you'll gain access to the product or service you bought. This could be a digital download, a subscription, in-game content, or other digital goods.
  5. Enjoy Your Purchase: You can now enjoy your purchase, whether it's a game, software, subscription, or any other digital product. Your access is usually immediate, allowing you to start using the product right away.

Our digital code system is designed for convenience, efficiency, and rapid access to the digital products you've acquired. If you have any specific questions about a particular product or need assistance with code redemption, please refer to the instructions provided with your purchase or contact our customer support for guidance.

We want to make it clear that we do not entertain requests for refunds or exchanges on digital orders. Consequently, after an order has been dispatched, we are unable to process any returns or exchanges for it.

An Xbox gift card can be used to purchase a wide range of digital content and services on the Xbox platform. Here are several things you can buy with an Xbox gift card:

  1. Games: You can use the gift card to buy games, including full game downloads for Xbox consoles or PC, as well as downloadable content (DLC) for specific games.
  2. DLC (Downloadable Content): Xbox gift cards allow you to purchase additional content for games you already own, such as expansion packs, in-game items, season passes, and more.
  3. Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass: You can use the gift card to subscribe to services like Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass, giving you access to multiplayer gaming, free monthly games, and a vast library of games to play.
  4. Movies and TV Shows: The card can be used to buy or rent movies and TV shows available on the Xbox platform.
  5. Apps and Add-ons: You can purchase apps, add-ons, and subscriptions available on the Xbox Store, such as music streaming services or productivity apps.
  6. Avatar items and customization: Use the gift card to buy avatar items, themes, and customization options for your Xbox profile.

Remember, Xbox gift cards are specifically for use in the Xbox ecosystem and Microsoft Store. The exact availability of items may vary based on your region and the specific Microsoft/Xbox Store policies.

Always check the balance on the card and make sure the content you want to purchase is compatible with the type of gift card you have (for instance, Xbox Live, Xbox Store, or Microsoft Store).

Buying an Xbox gift card through email delivery offers several conveniences and advantages:

  1. Instant Access: Email delivery provides immediate access to the gift card. Once you make the purchase, the gift card code is typically delivered to the specified email address instantly or within a short time frame. This is beneficial for those who need the gift card urgently or for last-minute gifts.
  2. Ease of Gifting: Sending an Xbox gift card through email is a convenient way to gift someone, especially if you're unable to deliver it physically. It's quick, and you can send it directly to the recipient's email address, making it a perfect option for remote gifting.
  3. Reduced Physical Waste: Buying digital gift cards delivered via email reduces the need for physical packaging, which is more environmentally friendly and minimizes waste compared to physical gift cards that require materials for printing and shipping.
  4. Avoiding Loss or Theft: Digital delivery means there's no physical card to lose or have stolen. The code is stored in the email, so the risk of misplacement or theft is significantly reduced.
  5. Convenience and Accessibility: It's convenient for both the buyer and the recipient. The code can be easily accessed from the email, and the recipient can use it instantly without having to visit a physical store or wait for a card to arrive via mail.
  6. Customized Messages: Some platforms allow you to include personalized messages along with the gift card, allowing you to add a personal touch to your gift.

When purchasing an Xbox gift card through email delivery, ensure that you're buying from a reputable source to guarantee the authenticity of the card and to prevent any potential issues with the code's redemption.

Our dedicated customer support team is at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, catering to customers across the globe. You can be confident that any issues you encounter will be promptly addressed by our proficient support representatives, committed to resolving problems and equipping you with the necessary information to ensure a satisfactory customer experience.

Should you have any inquiries or encounter challenges, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email. You can also consult our contact page for answers to frequently asked questions.


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